Connect your firm to drive productivity and profits.
MatterX is designed to connect your team and processes across your firm to provide a more complete view of your financials, matters, operations, resources and clients.
  • Quickly deployed in the cloud
  • Easily tailored and extendable solution
  • Can be used on any device, anywhere
  • Faster reporting, cycle times, and financial closes
  • Role-based workspaces and workflow guidance
  • Improved productivity with embedded Microsoft 365
  • Predicts sales using historical data
  • Real-time data visualisation
  • Built-in business intelligence
A single comprehensive solution for growing law firms.
Empower your firm to work smarter with secure collaboration features, business tools and intelligent insights at every step.

Gain operational visibility

Streamline workflow and get more done with automated business processes and actionable insights delivered inside MatterX.

Work smarter and faster

Improve teamwork and respond fast from almost anywhere by seamlessly connecting your people, business processes and customers.

Adapt as your firm grows

Acquire new digital capabilities to adapt to business change, with a single solution that is easy to deploy, simple to use and cost-effective.
You're in good hands!
Cost savings and business benefits enabled by migrating to this Microsoft Cloud-Based SMB product.


Return on investment


Operations productivity


Staff effeciency


Payback period
MatterX Features.
MatterX will help your firm work smarter together, automate time-consuming manual tasks, and make better, data-driven decisions.


Accounting software that grows with you. MatterX streamlines financial processes.

Matter Management

Design templated matter workflows to create consistent client experiences and predictable, cost effective outcomes.

Reporting & Insights

Making data driven decisions has never been so easy with powerful insights delivered right inside your apps.

Client relationships (CRM)

Relationship management features provide accurate information so you can focus your interactions and business development efforts.

Team & Workforce

Drive productivity and connect data from your resources, work assignments, rates and matters.

Microsoft 365

Discover mobile collaborative ways of working with Microsoft 365 and be productive anywhere.
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