Matter Management.

Empower your firm

to work smarter with secure collaboration features, business tools and intelligent insights at every step.

Matter workflow

Automate conflict checks, stages, tasks, and key date management that guide your team through the entire matter workflow.

Document assembly and automation

Create customised precedent and document templates that allow merging data fields from anywhere in the system including clients, contact, matters, financials and more.

Document Management

Store attachments, emails, generated precedents, and contracts in the built-in document management system, Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.
Matter Management Features


Easy mobile or desktop time recording enables accurate WIP, resource utilisation and productivity reporting.


Effectively manage soft disbursements and engage external suppliers, generate purchase orders and assign costs to matters.


Streamlined invoice generation, review and approval workflows make light work of the billing process.


Manage alternative rates at the resource, resource groups, clients and matter level for flexble service arrangements.

Capacity Management

Plan capacity, manage usage statistics and the profitability of resources.

Fixed value pricing

Apply time, fixed based pricing, or a combination of both to provide balanced service offerings to your clients.


Structured matter tasks provide accountability to the assignee and more consistent client outcomes.


Ensure incoming matters are free of conflicts before accepting new work by searching previous matters, clients, contacts, parties and other customisable datafields.


Design re-usable matter templates for future work to save time and create consistent outcomes.
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MatterX will help your firm work smarter together, automate time-consuming manual tasks and make better, data-driven decisions.