Legal Finance and Matter Management built in the Microsoft Office 365 Modern Workplace.

Connect people and processes like never before.

Introducing MatterX for

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Be ready for growth with an all-in-one business management solution that helps law firms and corporate legal departments connect their financials, operations, client and matter management to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions.
Everything you need in a single place

A Business-in-a-Box for small to medium sized firms.

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    SaaS & cloud native
    with rapid deployment and no server costs.
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    Mobile ready
    with powerful capabilities and rich functionality anywhere.
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    Deep integrations
    with unified connectivity across the product suite.
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    Supported by Microsoft security and data protection services.


Finance Management
General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgets, Billing/Invoicing, Trust Accounting, Financial Dimensions.
Matter Management
Automate conflict checks, ethical walls, stages, tasks, and key date management that guide your team through the matter workflow.
Legal Project Management & Budgeting
Manage time recording and expenses against matter project estimates.
Client and Contact Management
Maintain a single source of truth for contacts and clients. Contact relationship linking. Contact insights surfaced within Outlook. Access client lists and interaction records on the go.
Document Assembly
Customise precedent and document templates that allow merging data fields from anywhere in the system including clients, contact, matters, financials and more.
Document Management
Store attachments, emails, generated precedents, and contracts in the built-in document management system.
Office 365 Features.
With Business Central as your core business platform the power of the ecosystem is a game changer. Streamline your business and make remote work easy.
Collaborate in Matter Teams
  • Automatic Team creation and archiving for matters.
  • Stay connected with Clients with intelligent meeting solutions.
  • Make meetings more effective by having meeting history and relevant matter content at your fingertips.
  • Search across people, matters, files and chats to find what you need.
Document Management
  • Automatically provision secure document repositories for new matters.
  • Mature document management capabilities including version control and history tracking.
  • A unified single source of document truth across Teams, Business Central, One Drive and more.
Insights in your Outlook Inbox
  • Productivity increases when users don't have to switch between applications.
  • Automatically profile customers within your inbox.
  • Surface contact, client, matter and financial summaries within Outlook.
  • Create new contacts, clients and matters from an email.
Power BI within your apps
  • Powerful insights right inside your apps with embedding of reports directly into Business Central and Teams.
One Drive for Business
  • Secure access to files and recent documents from your desktop or mobile apps.
Bi-directional Data Access
  • Bi-Directional Access To Live Dynamics 365 Business Central Data From Excel with a single click.
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MatterX (or Matter eXtensions) is a family of applications, purpose built for the legal industry, that unify Microsoft products and allows Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments to get the most value out of their Microsoft technology investments.

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